Who is Robby Bone?

Foto: Robbie Bone

During the last 10 years the international dance scene has developed into something that nobody had expected in the year 2003. Music has changed from underground to mainstream and nowadays artists are being their own promotors while being admired by tons of people worldwide.

And where a party can be good or even perfect, it can be even better or ultimate when there is an everlasting memory of it by means of a brilliant picture coverage. A coverage that breathes the vibe, that describes the emotion, that tells the story of what happened in that club, at that festival, on that specific moment. And that’s where Robby Bone shows his value each and every time he is around.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has conquered the world and young stars (producers, artists, DJ’s) are popping up like tulips in the early summer. Their creativity is translated in the music studio where they spend hours a day and days a week for the final result. Creating something for the ears and enjoyment. And to be honest, I do the same. For the eyes.

Everlastig Digital Memories (EDM) created by one of the most creative artists in the world of EDM photography. Carrying 10 years of experience with me and continuously trying to lift myself to higher, better and more creative levels. A passionated EDM photographer who always prefers quality above quantity.

World are you ready? I AM ROBBY BONE!